Women Entrepreneurship:

Women Entrepreneurs are those who run a business concern. Groups of women, who generally innovate, initiate or adopt a business activity / innovative activity, are referred to as women entrepreneurs. As per the experts over the women more than 1/3 of the entrepreneurial ventures are continued by women entrepreneurs.

Features of women Entrepreneurship:

Secure oriented rather than growth oriented.
Stabilization of income & risk minimization
Sustainability and growth with sincerity & hard work.

Why Women Become Entrepreneurs?

Economically Independent
Establishment of their own enterprise
To claim equal status in the society
Secure greater freedom & mobility

Start-up Entrepreneurship:

Any new emerged business in the market to satisfy the market needs is referred to as Start-up Entrepreneurship. There are more chances of risk in start-up businesses. To overcome these losses business events are organized for the interaction of Entrepreneurs to gain some ideas and innovation to run a start-up business. There are huge chances of banks, financial sectors to support a start-up business these days. Start-up businesses depend upon the market scenario to release the products.

There are many principles for a start-up business:

Lean Start-up: In this start-up under limited resources creation takes place. It is totally based on the ideas that entrepreneurs can make and venture works explicit. Lean start-up has few principles like need to catch a problem and solve & define a solution. Lean Start-up needs to engage and adopt with market validation.

Market Validation: Start-up needs to validate the market before providing them the product or service to avoid business ideas with weak demand.

Design Thinking: Need to understand customers in engaged manner. Design thinking & customer development can be biased as they do not remove the risk of bias just because the same biases will manifest themselves in the source of information.


Decision making under uncertainty: In many start-up companies the decisions are made under uncertainty so the main principle for the start-up should be agile & flexible.

Academic Entrepreneurship:

In Academic entrepreneurship the individuals or groups are linked with the University or research centers to set up business ventures. In the United States the academic entrepreneurs are generally employed by the universities where they conduct the research & business. Academic entrepreneur is referred to a university scientist, professor, university scientist or a PHD student or researcher. Generally we can say Academic entrepreneurs are also the graduates and students of universities. A business can be started based on their researchers work. These Entrepreneurs are given fund by the Universities to do these kinds of activities. As with the support of the university if a business runs well than then the University becomes the partner of that business too. Universities provide a great support to the members of its university to make them a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Behaviors:

Entrepreneurship Behaviors is generally the capacity of the Individual to find the opportunities in the market and turning those opportunities into a profitable business. There are high risk in this and individual need to take the risk and deploy the resources to develop & organize new business profitably. Turning your ideas into action is the multidimensional construct of Entrepreneurship behaviors. The ability to create an opportunity, recognize an opportunity or commercialization of the opportunity is Entrepreneurship behaviors. If you are behaving like an entrepreneur then you are a true successful entrepreneur. Common people can be differentiated with entrepreneurship behaviors. The main listing of the behaviors of the successful people will be a ridiculous thing.

Educational Entrepreneurship:

This Entrepreneurship provides students with the knowledge, skill and motivation for the encouraging the entrepreneurial success.
Opening a new organization comes under the educational entrepreneurship. It is also referred to as starting a new business. Entrepreneurship education can be oriented from different ways of the realizing opportunities. Regular entrepreneurship comes in educational entrepreneurship.

Stock & forex trading: These are generally the interchange market whenever currencies are traded. Stocks generally represent the business entity and fluctuate with quantity & value. When we come to forex trading it is generally trading currencies from different countries against each other. Stock & forex trading includes the capital marketing, currency, deflation, bullion market, fair trade and exchange traded funds, commodity markets, intellectual property & Investments.

Innovative Industries: Innovative industries are the implementation of the new systems, processes, services or products. Business generally pioneer in Industry innovation. Innovative ideas come from brainstorming. Many innovative industries are like automotive industries, technologies, research & developments, financial technologies & sustainability, intellectual property. Many industries are already innovative in their own ways. Innovative thinking & approaches increases the chances of jobs opportunities across the globe. Innovative Industries are performing better for better job opportunities in different parts of the world.

Accounting: It is generally referred to as the system of recording & summarizing financial & business transactions and to verify it, analyze it and reporting the results. They play a very important role in managing the business and investments.

Strategic Management: It is generally the executing & developing the series of moves for better success of the organizations in the present generation and coming future aspects. It is also the process of setting goals, procedures & objective to make a organization more competitive. Execution of plan to achieve the goals comes under strategic planning.

Digital Wallets: They are generally the E- wallets or also known as electronic wallets. They are basically the online services or software programs that allow users to make the online transactions with other users for goods & services through online modes.

Entrepreneurial finance and venture capital: In this the main thing is investment. Capital is required for running up a business. For this there are two main sources of bringing the capital. Those sources are the banks and venture capitalist. Banks use to monitor less effectively as they face capital demands from their own investors. The capitals provided by the banks are Institutional speculator funds

Small business investments funds
Company venture capital funds
Working capital restricted partnerships.

Business Studies: Study of new business should be there for the successful growth. It totally depends upon the concept of marketing and business. Generally big businesses do all these things as their cost is really high. These types of analysis should be done in every stage of the businesses. Most of the time market research also helps us to know whether the ideas are innovative or not. We also need to know how the ideas will help the customer through business model. We have many collaborators who generally support the ideas but are not given any reward for that so studying more will be helpful for the growth of the ideas into a business.