International Keynote, Global Icon Ambassador, USA

Amb Smily Mukta

    All Sessions by: Amb Smily Mukta

    • 2:00-3:00

      Start-up Entrepreneurship

      2024-04-29 Any new emerged business in the market to satisfy the market needs is referred to as Start-up Entrepreneurship.
    • 3:00-5:00

      Entrepreneurship Behaviors

      2024-04-29 Entrepreneurship Behaviors is generally the capacity of the Individual to find the opportunities in the market and turning those opportunities into a profitable business.
    • 10:00-12:00

      Educational Entrepreneurship

      2024-04-30 This Entrepreneurship provides students with the knowledge, skill and motivation for the encouraging the entrepreneurial success
    • 12:00-1:00

      Innovative Industries

      2024-04-30  Innovative industries are the implementation of the new systems, processes, services or products.